Debden History - 50 Years On


Children were frequently sent to schools in Chingford or Woodford or were sent to temporary schools nearby. Some children did get into Staples Road School in the village, and that meant their mothers had to walk to and from the school four times each day: in the morning, a return trip at lunch time and then to pick their children up in the evening.  Depending where families lived, there were some buses, however people often could not afford the fare money. 
I have been told that in Staples Road School, Debden children sat on one side of the room and Loughton children sat on the other, but I have not yet been able to verify this.   

The school situation was pretty serious. By 16 November 1946, the local paper was forecasting that hundreds of children would be without school as the LCC would only fund 50% of the building costs. Essex County Council would need to pay the rest.  On July 12 1947 another headline read:  “No room in schools for LCC Estate Children”  It reported: “The rate at which families are moving into houses on the Loughton and Grange Hill Estates is causing grave anxiety…”  This situation did not resolve itself quickly.  In January 1952, four classes were temporarily set up at Grange Farm under the direction of Mr Goreham of Pyrles Lane School.  
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