Debden History - 50 Years On
I am now appealing for photos from 1947 - 1959 that I may publish on this page and in other publications.
Are you able to help me?
 If so, please email me on
Chigwell Lane, Loughton
Chigwell Lane
February 1955
Chigwell Lane,
February 1955
Chigwell Lane Station Bridge
South side of bridge, looking north.
February 1955
Debden Station Bridge
Taken looking south, through bridge.
Chigwell Lane.
The Winston Churchill, from a postcard.
Do you have any other photos you could share?
A distinctive feature of the BISF house.
Originally, the houses all looked the same, but now people have removed the front fences, and personalised their homes.
The Broadway, before recent improvement works.
They may have reclad the front of many of the house, but look what they left behind.
One of the things that many of the people who moved to the estate in the 1950s commented on was the amount of green space, where children could playsafely, observed from front windows by their mums and dads.
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